The hazardous work of morgue workers in Egypt

The life of morgue workers in Egypt is not an easy one. But besides stigma, low salaries and numerous health risk some find fulfilment and even love at their unusual workplace.

The hazardous work of morgue workers in Egypt
The Far Right and the Middle East
The Far Right and the Middle East

Donald Trump will leave the White House, but the alliance of autocrats in the Middle East with the far right in the West is here to stay.

Shady Habash
Death of Shady Habash

The death of filmmaker Shady Habash makes author Wael Eskandar think of a friend who goes by the same first name - and of how the Egyptians deal with injustice and loss.

Heba Y. Amin
Egyptian artist Heba Y. Amin discusses a toxic German legacy

Heba Y. Amin talks to Calum Humphreys about her recent exhibition “Fruit from Saturn”. They discuss Germany’s toxic legacy of land mines in North Africa, the modern autocrat’s fascination for megaprojects, and walking watermelons through Cairo.

Interview zu Wirtschaft und Militär in Ägypten
Interview on Military and Economy in Egypt

Yezid Sayigh has spent many years closely examining the interdependence of the military and the economy in Egypt. He explains why investors are skating on thin ice putting their money into country and why the military is hiding in the TV market.