Iraq’s dire economic state

After over a year of ongoing protests throughout Iraq, the economy is in worse conditions than ever. Can Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi’s interim government prevent total collapse?

Men repair a bridge near Mosul, Iraq.
Nigeria under Bihari after the presidential elections
Nigeria under Buhari after the presidential elections

The jihadist insurgency is still wreaking havoc in parts of Nigeria, with new security threats looming on the horizon. Yet voters in Africa’s most populous country made corruption and the state of the economy their priorities at the ballot box.

An aerial view over Tehran.
Interview with Khajehpour about protests in Iran

Iran is currently experiencing the largest wave of upheaval since the Green Movement in 2009. We asked Iran analyst Dr. Bijan Khajehpour why people are taking their anger to the streets and how European policy makers should tackle the crisis

A community school in Cairo
Seizing New Opportunities in Egypt

As the most populous market in the Arab world, Egypt presents plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs – but they must be prepared to chart their own course around inflexible bureaucrats and numerous obstacles.