Death of Shady Habash

The death of filmmaker Shady Habash makes author Wael Eskandar think of a friend who goes by the same first name - and of how the Egyptians deal with injustice and loss.

Shady Habash
interview barghuthi.jpg
Interview with Palestinian politician Mustafa Bargouti

In 2005 he was the only serious challenger to Mahmud Abbas. Mustafa Barghuthi explains to zenith why the constant postponement of elections weakens Ramallah's position - and why he calls Israel's Palestinian policy apartheid.

Die EU, Wahlen und Sicherheit in Palästina
EU, Security and Elections in Palestine

What happened to all of last year’s talk surrounding a possible election date in Palestine? One its most fervent cheerleaders was the EU, but their ongoing securitised agenda in Palestine means that elections do not equate to democracy.

Kurz Erklärt: Regierungsbildung im Irak
Government Formation in Iraq

For five whole months Iraq has waited for a new government – will Mustafa al-Kadhimi be the one to break the deadlock? The prime minister designate has limited room to manoeuvre. But Tehran is feeling the pressure, too.

The Rise of Digital Feudalism
Democracy, Technology and the Future of Society

How states respond to the ongoing pandemic risks rendering their citizens serfs in a new digital Middle Ages. Ramon Blecua calls on political leaders not to close the door on the coronavirus by opening the door to Big Tech.

Mass protests in Algeria ahead of presidential elections
The military, the protest movement and democracy in Algeria

The intelligence services, by taming the media outlets and opposition parties, have broken an attempted democratic transition in Algeria.