The Ministry of Interior in downtown Tunis.
Interview with I Watch Founder Achref Aoudi

A leaked recording from a Tunisian business magnate revealed plans to smear I Watch, an anti-corruption NGO. Apart from bringing corruption into the public eye, it also emboldened I Watch, says its founder Achref Aoudi

Downtown Cairo at night. Egypt's private sector has underperformed for decades due to corruption.
As Youth Unemployment Soars, Experts Blame Corruption and Poor Governance

While Arab youth join the labour markets in growing numbers, political leaders in many Arab countries seem unable to direct economies towards creating desirable jobs in sufficient numbers. Unable, or unwilling?

A view of downtown Amman, Jordan.
Investigating Corruption in Jordan

Journalist Daoud Kuttab’s team at Radio al Balad worked for half a year uncovering Jordanian connections to illegal offshore dealings in the Panama Papers leak. But making the final decision to publish the sensitive details was difficult, he writes.