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Shifting Alliances in the Yemen War

After seven years of civil war, Yemen is once again witnessing new structural shifts. The rapid advance by Houthi forces in 2021 throughout territory along the old north-south border has produced consequences impacting relations between their rivals.

Yemeni Soldiers. The war in Yemen is seen by some as a war between Saudi Arabia and proxies of Iran.
War and famine in Yemen
War and famine in Yemen

The Saudi-led coalition and the Iran-backed Houthis fight a war of attrition. The strategy of economic warfare doesn’t change the military equation, but has devastating effect on civilians. A visit to a country scarred by famine, disease and neglect

A pro-regime protest in Damascus in 2012.
Polarisation in the Syrian War

Why is it that both regime supporters and armed Islamist rebels can play so successfully on Syria's sectarian problems? On takfir and takhwin, two concepts of domestication that look flagrantly alike.

The entrance to the Layali Beirut club in Tunis.
Libyan Politics in a Nightclub in Tunis

In a nightclub in Tunis, a strange ritual is carried out where Libyans toss money to a singer, to sing the praises of their towns. It seems peace can be found at the cabaret – for a while.