A Lybian School in Egypt
Libyans Barred Refugee Status in Egypt

Egypt is home to around 5,200 Libyan families. Most of them fled their country during the 2011 uprisings. Lately Expatriates are facing a rise in bureaucratic hurdles, making life in Egypt increasingly harder for them

Yaseen Abdel-Ghaffar
zenithTalk: Yaseen Abdel-Ghaffar

Yaseen Abdel-Ghaffar had a comfortable life with a successful job, until a carjacking on the road to Cairo caused him to re-evaluate everything. Today he is the founder and managing director of SolarizeEgypt. 

Zawya cinema in Cairo
In Egypt Independent Cinema Grows One Film at a Time

Egypt: A small arthouse cinema scene and a growing number of cinephiles are challenging film distribution monopolies and creating spaces for independent film.