Egyptian artist Heba Y. Amin discusses a toxic German legacy

Heba Y. Amin talks to Calum Humphreys about her recent exhibition “Fruit from Saturn”. They discuss Germany’s toxic legacy of land mines in North Africa, the modern autocrat’s fascination for megaprojects, and walking watermelons through Cairo.

Heba Y. Amin
Vintage Addis Ababa
Ethiopian Photo Archive ‘Vintage Addis Ababa’

Ethiopia sees rapid change – so what can we learn form a collection of pictures of every-day Addis Ababa citizens during the 1940s to the 1980s? Anna-Theresa Bachmann discusses this with Wongel Abebe, who recently launched ‘Vintage Addis Ababa’.

Designer Khaled Bader drawing a mural in the new Tanarout centre.
Cultural Space in Benghazi

In conservative Benghazi the cultural space Tanarout has become a haven from the war, a space where boys and girls can escape growing extremism and the rampant unemployment induced by the ongoing conflict.

Exhibition opening in the gallery Athr in Jeddah.
The Art of Transforming Saudi Arabia

Slowly but surely, Saudi Arabia is changing. For the country’s artists, it can’t come soon enough.

Artwork depicting funeral of Mahmoud Taleghani
A History of Violence

Moments of death, crime scenes and mourning: Iranian artist Azadeh Akhlaghi reconstructs and freezes dramatic turning points in her country’s history. Do they also conceal a message for Iran's current leaders?

A 2013 reception in front of the Burj Al-Arab.
The Art World Goes East

Once known as a dusty construction site, Dubai and the wider Gulf has risen to become one of the art world’s new centres, a link between East and West, and a platform for regional artists to receive international exposure.