Security and Jihadism in the Lake Chad Region

Terror, organised crime, civil war over the border. A perfect storm is brewing over Chad and its much-praised army. The country’s president Idriss Déby now has to fight on several fronts – and seems poorly prepared.

Security and Jihadism in the Lake Chad region
Interview mit tunesischer Musikerin Neysatu
Interview with Tunisian singer Neysatu

Neysatu, the queen of the Tunisian underground music scene, speaks to zenith before her latest concert in Berlin about rediscovering her Amazigh heritage, her musical Africanity, and the perils of performing under Ben Ali’s dictatorship.

Morocco’s Tech Treps Pick Their Market

Rather than the lucrative markets of Europe, it is the fast-growing markets of West Africa that beckon for tech entrepreneurs in Morocco.

Niama El Bassunie, the CEO of WaystoCap, says she encourages entrepreneurs in Morocco to consider business ideas that can help resolve paint points across the African continent.