Remembering the 1979 Soviet Invasion in Afghanistan

Today's Afghanistan is in many ways a result of the events that began to unfold in 1979. Journalist Waheed Massoud has been living through all of it and reminisces about how the last four decades have shaped him and his generation.

Remembering 1979 in Afghanistan
Saudi Arabia and 1979
Saudi Arabia and 1979

Saudis, who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s, only need to ask their parents and grandparents what another Saudi Arabia may look like. Forty years after 1979, our generation can finally influence the course of the country.

Remembering 1979 in Egypt

Camp David rewarded Egypt's army for peace but also paved the way for the repressive surveillance state. When the revolution hit the streets in 2011, it dawned on our author how pivotal 1979 proved to be in that context.

Ägypten 1979 - Ein Essay